VFW Michigan donates $15,614 to cancer research

Sarah Daniels - 10/3/2023


The VFW Department of Michigan donated $15,614 to the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute for cancer research during their annual Fall Conference in Flint, Michigan, September 29, 2023. The funds were collected between June 2022 through May 2023 by Michigan’s VFW membership. 


Current VFW Department of Michigan Commander Ray Lopez has chosen the organization’s cancer program as his special project for his year of leadership. The emphasis on the program comes from a personal place to Lopez, as both of his parents passed from the illness, and has impacted many of his comrades within the VFW as well.

"Cancer is devastating,” Lopez said. "Life with my family was simple. My parents were so good to us, but cancer steamrolled our lives. The disease can be debilitating for not only the person with the condition, but also the caregivers. This is why the cancer program is so important. We want to be part of the recovery process and give people hope.”



Past State Commander John Griffith made the most recent donation presentation to Karmanos during the conference, as he oversaw the fundraising last year. 

"I’m proud to have been a part of this," Griffith said. "It is a great segue into Ray’s year of leadership and his special project. We want to keep the support for cancer research a priority in our organization."

Karmanos and the VFW Department of Michigan began their partnership in 1983, and have been working to raise money to further cancer research. Since 2009, the VFW Department of Michigan has donated $288,039.17.


"This is a real struggle in people’s lives today, and we are committed to working hard to fight back," Lopez said.

To learn more about Karmanos and their mission, visit their website, or to support the VFW Department of Michigan Cancer Program, donate here.

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